Project Funding & Visualization for New York

This mashup analyzes the most funded cities in New York based on community projects. We then create a visual representation of the types of projects that are occurring within these cities via WordCloud.

City Funding Chart

All senator sponsored projects within the cities of New York were queried. All of the appropriations regarding those projects and the cities in which they were occurring were summed up. Those summations yielded the 10 cities that received the most funding from senators within the past year. Below is the chart listing those cities and the amount of money invested in them through community projects. By hovering over each city column, a visual representation of the projects occurring within those cities will populate below via WordCloud.

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Project Word Cloud

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Based on the word cloud we see what these projects are focusing on within each city. We can visually see the needs of these cities and why they attract the attention that they do. These concentrated areas are projects for youth, development, education, as well as community among others. It is possible that within these cities these are the areas where the city needs to make the biggest improvement. Once more semantic data becomes available, such as the education level of New Yorkers, these conclusions can be tested.

Bronx_query.sparql690 bytes
Albany_query.sparql691 bytes
Brooklyn_query.sparql693 bytes
Syracuse_query.sparql693 bytes
New_York_query.sparql691 bytes
10bargraph.sparql600 bytes
Buffalo_query.sparql692 bytes
Flushing_query.sparql693 bytes
Jamaica_query.sparql692 bytes
White_Plains_query.sparql697 bytes
Yonkers_query.sparql692 bytes
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