Comparing Chilean SIMCE test for middle school in each region

This demo shows scores in mathematics for a Chilean standardized score by region. The data is complemented by information taken from dbpedia (such as population and geographical positions).

Note: Region's name, latitude and population are taken from dbpedia. For some regions there is no such information so I provide only the URI of those regions.

Data table

This table show the results from the SIMCE (Quality of Education Measurement System, in spanish) together with data obtained from dbpedia. An interesting aspect is that there is information missing in dbpedia about some regions.
Region (dbpedia) Population (dbpedia) Latitude (dbpedia) Avg. math score per region(simce) Avg. language score per region (simce)


The first graph shows the average of Math and Language scores in each region. It is clear that the scores are higher in the central region. A potential explanation if the correlation between population in each region and its score (as you can see in the second graph). Finally, we used dbpedia to obtain the latitude (remember that Chie is roughly speaking a vertical line, so longitudes are more or less the same for each region) and we compared that with the SIMCE results (as can be seen in the third graph). It is possible to do more analysis (in terms of density, ratio of rural/urban population and so on).

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