Facts about Transportation Energy

This demo describes about alternative fuel usage in the United States in 2005, including the number of fuel stations of each state of different types of fuels, in comparison with other state level data released by government agencies, such as population, total stack air emission, etc..
State Level Comparison : [] Choose from below to compare alternative fuel infrastructure in different states, population, air quality and total housing :

Interesting Observation

  • For the state level comparison, by selecting different types of fuels, we could see that different states have their own "preferences" on alternative fuels. For example, Minnesota is the leading state in the number of states for E85, North Carolina leads the BD, while California leads in CNG, ELEC, H2, and LNG. Texas leads in the number of LPG and gasoline stations.


  • We convert the raw data about alternative fuel infrastructure to RDF, and load them into a triple store
  • Some of the US data is at state level, so that we can query along with other state-level data existing in the triple store, including population, household, air condition, etc.
  • The query results are directly consumed by Google visualization APIs, e.g. GeoMap for state-level data comparison.
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