Library Books Per Capita, by State

This demo displays the number of library books per capita by state.

Interesting Observations

This demo displays book volumes (adjusted by state population) for each US state library in dataset 353 on a map of the US. Darker colors indicate more books available to library users. Readers can easily see the following
  • New York
    state library has the largest number of books, but it also has a large
    population. Therefore it has a low number for average books per person.
  • East coast, West coast, plus Texas state library hold more book. Maybe that is because of their population.
  • some states, such as Maryland, reported 0 in book volume. Further investigation on State Libraries statistical data ( will be useful.
v1 - just books v2 - books per person

Technology Highlights

This is an easy demo and you may copy its code to build your first government data visualization.
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