Public Libraries' Print Materials, total volume vs. per capita, 2007

This demo demonstrates a quick mashup on public libraries collections data from Public Libraries Survey Fiscal Year 2007
It compares the total library collection volume (referred as "books") with the number divided by non-duplicated population of legal service area at state level.

Source data series:

State Summary/State Characteristics Data File(pusum07.txt).

Variables used:

Print materials (including books, serial back files, and government documents)
Unduplicated population of the legal service area for the library. This value is calculated by prorating the library's population of legal service area (POPU_LSA) to the state's total population of legal service areas (total POPU_LSA), and applying the ratio to the state-reported total unduplicated population of legal service areas. The latter item, a single figure reported by the state data coordinator, is also named POPU_UND but is located on the State Summary/State Characteristics Data File.
Source: Public Libraries Survey: Fiscal Year 2007, Data Dictionary
per capita = BKVOL / POPU_UND .
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Uses Technology: 
Uses Technology: 
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