Multi-word Tag Cloud from Government Dataset Titles

This demo shows a tag cloud consisting of multi-word phrases extracted from datasets' titles.


For the first time, we have a real Mutli-word TagCloud! My blog Multi-Word TagCloud on Web N-gram Now for this demo is out, so please put your comment there. To learn to build something like this demo, please read How to use Microsoft Web N-gram service.
Single-word TagCloud is ok. see media:datagov-dataset-single.txt raw data
Multi-word TagCloud is more meaningful. see media:datagov-dataset-mix.txt raw data. also see a different rendering of the same data

TagCloud with Multi-word tags only - let's check the magic words. see media:datagov-dataset-multi.txt raw data
We are still improving this demo to better extra the term.


This demo is powered by Microsoft Web N-gram Services,
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