Public Safety in Troy, NY

This demo integrates information on public safety from Troy Police department and RPI's public safety department and display it using geographical data taken from Google Maps.


This project aims to help residents of Troy, New York to visualize different events related to public safety. The original objective was to cover only crimes such as robberies. However, based on the reports from Department of public safety from RPI and Troy Police Department we obtained several other types of incidents, including fires, and medical events. You can check regularly the events of interest. You can also use the RDF link in the results to mash that data up with other datasets. You can also use RSS feed (so you can suscribe with an RSS reader) soon . If you are searching, you may choose from 2 differente data sources: The first one are the events reported by the Department of Public Safety. The second one is events reported by the Troy Police Department. You can choose to seach for any (or both) data sources.


The implementation of this experiment is based in several different technologies: As a backend I used semantic technologies, such as RDF and SPARQL. Also, JSON and AJAX has been used to register new events. For visualization I used Exhibit and Google maps. Finally JQuery has been used to wrap the interface.
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