White House Visitors (mobile version)

The White House Visitors/Visitees Demo for the iOS platform shows how RDF data can be consumed on a mobile device.


List of top White House Visitees
List of the Top 25 White House Visitees
The White House Visitors/Visitees Demo for the iOS platform shows how RDF version of White House Visitor Record can be consumed on a mobile device. The application queries two separate datasets, Data.gov dataset 10025 and the White House Visitees dataset. There are two views over the underlying data: visitors to the White House, and the visitees who received them (depicted right: top 25 visitees). This data is then transformed into a table by the software. Data rendered as a pie chart
Visitor data visualized using a pie chart
Because the data are easily interpreted by machines, they can be presented in alternative forms, e.g. as a pie chart (see left). Visualization methods such as this can also make it easier to identify useful patterns in data and identify possible irregularities, e.g. if there is an extremely large portion in the pie chart there may be issues in the collected data.    

Linked Data

Information gleaned about the President of the United States using the semantic web
Information obtained by querying linked data sources
The White House Visitors Demo takes advantage of a concept called linked data: data sets hosted across the World Wide Web that provide links to entities in other data sets. The White House Visitees data set, mentioned earlier, links the individuals in the White House Visitors dataset with URIs representing in DBpedia (a machine-understandable version of Wikipedia). DBpedia includes information such as an individual's office (allowing us to infer that Barack Obama is President, left) and links to many additional sites, such as the New York Times linked open data site Querying the New York Times using linked data
Ten most-recent articles published by the New York Times
where machines can get information needed to query the New York Times databases for articles (see right) and other materials.

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