Government Data Hackathon



Following the invitation from Sunlight Labs to host an event related to increase the use of government data, Tetherless World Constellation will host a Semantic Hackathon during Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of December 2009. You can participate helping us or bringing your own idea. A hackathon is a meeting where people works developing some interesting applications in a short period of time. In this case, we plan to create semantic applications and link data-gov datasets to the Linked Data. This will be a great experience that can help you understand the principles behind The Semantic Web. You don't need to know details about the Semantic Web, but it would be good to read a little bit about it.



  • Make the dataset metadata SPARQL-queryable.
    • although one could grab the RDF feed from the wiki, there is a chicken-and-egg problem because one needs to know which datasets exist before one can request its description.
    • scraping is doable but not a good start to one's day.
  • Provide an overview of which RDF datasets reuse predicates (e.g, 770 uses 774 namespace). Since predicate reuse tends to be an exception not a rule, knowing these overlaps would help a developer focus their attention when deciding with which RDF datasets to work. Predicate reuse is specified in the csv file that is input to the batch RDFization process, so it should already be available in a structured format. If the suggestion above was satisfied, then this overview could be done with a SPARQL query.

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