View and Edit a drupal page

<p>1. When I was given a URL at logd, I was not able to see the page and got "access denied" message.</p> <p>2. When I see a page, I cannot edit the page. <br> </p>
In order to view or edit a page
  • Not all pages are public visible, you need to login drupal to see drupal pages tagged by "internal page"
  • Some pages are "unpublished", so you won see it unless you have a "admin" role or is the "creator" of the page.
  • You may not be able to edit pages even you can see it. A user usually only has "contributor" role, so you cannot edit pages created by others. Contact Administrators (Li, Alvaro) to check your "role". A contributor role can only edit the pages you created.
Page visibility category:
  • [public] A page can be viewed by everyone when you check "published" in
    "Publishing options", and not check "internal Page" in LOGD Taxonomy
  • [unpublished] A page can be "unpublished" if you did not check "published" in
    "Publishing options". An unpublished page's background is pink, and it
    is not visible by anyone except admins and yourself.
  • [internal page] A page can be "internal" if you check "Internal Page" in "LOGD
    Taxonomy" which is part of "Vocabularies" section. An internal page
    will only be visible by users who logged in.

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