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Where is the title of each dataset? We need a sparql query to get the title for all datasets Some datasets are hand-selected to load into the named graph "http://purl.org/twc/vocab/conversion/... 11
TWC LOGD Resources Where are the TWC LOGD resources, e.g. the source code, the issue tracker, etc. source code http://code.google.com/p/data-gov-wiki/source/checkout -- the old svn, will be... 12
Embed a youtube video How to embed a youtube video and still be XHTML valid You can use the object tag instead of the regular way of embedding: Example Result Example... 13
Find a page in Drupal how to find a page in drupal, keyword search and query<br> use search bar on the left use list content, you may need to reset the filters as the listing... 14
Embed source code in tutorial page how to highlight source code (in php, java, html, and etc) in my demo page?<br> you can use the tag code to wrap your code. There are different strategies for syntax coloring... 15
View and Edit a drupal page <p>1. When I was given a URL at logd, I was not able to see the page and got "access denied" message.</p> <p>2. When I see a page, I cannot edit the page. <br>... In order to view or edit a page Not all pages are public visible, you need to login drupal to see... 16
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