Mash-a-thon DC


On August 24 and 25, hosted a Mash-A-Thon to help familiarize developers on using semantic web technologies to create a new generation of "linked data" mashups. This Mash-A-Thon was organized and lead in part by members of RPI's Tetherless World Constellation and was powered by tools, services and data hosted by the TWC LOGD Portal.Data stewards and developers from different agencies across the federal government came together, formed small teams and developed mashups using data from The small teams were guided through the process of converting raw data to a semantic format, querying the semantic data and building dynamic visualizations from the results of their queries  by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) graduate students in the Tetherless World Constellation. More information about the Mashathon and the Mashups created by the teams can be found at

Final Mashups

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