International Open Government Dataset Search (DEMO)

The TWC International Open Government Dataset Search (IOGDS) is a linked data application based on metadata "scraped" from hundreds of international dataset catalog websites publishing a rich variety of government data. Metadata extracted from these catalog websites is automatically converted to RDF linked data and re-published via the TWC LOGD SPARQL endpoint and made available for download. The TWC IOGDS demo features an efficient, reconfigurable faceted browser with search capabilities offering a compelling demonstration of the value of a common metadata model for open government dataset catalogs. We believe that the vocabulary choices demonstrated by IOGDS highlights the potential for useful linked data applications to be created from open government catalogs and will encourage the adoption of such a standard worldwide.

NOTE (04 Oct 2013): All is well with the IOGDS demo...

IOGDS Faceted Browser Demo

Currently searching over 1,022,787 datasets from 192 catalogs
in 24 languages representing 43 countries and international organizations...

IOGDS Analytics Pages

IOGDS Analytics V.2 (Fall 2013)
IOGDS Analytics V.1 (Summer 2012)

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