Important Information Regarding the PopSciGrid Community Health Information Portal

The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) PopSciGrid Community Health Information Portal enables users to explore relationships between cancer risk factors, health outcomes, and factors in the socio-political environment. The maps, graphs, and tables on this website are not intended to convey information about causal relationships, and the NCI does not endorse any conclusions or inferences that individual users may draw from the maps, tables, or graphs produced by this website.

These maps, graphs, and tables reflect the limitations of the data sources they are drawn from and the statistical methodologies used to analyze these data.  Some of these limitations include:
  • Age is not taken into account

Cancer is much more common among older people, so communities with older populations are likely to have more cancer cases.

  • The map doesn't contain any information about important known individual risk factors for cancer

This includes factors such as tobacco use, alcohol use, radiation exposure, infections, diet, sunlight, physical activity and family history, which are known to play important roles in what causes cancer.

  • The cancer counts reflect people's addresses at the time of their cancer diagnosis

It is possible that people with cancer lived elsewhere before their diagnosis. This is important because cancer can take many years (5 to 40 years) to develop. This is referred to as cancer latency. People's exposures earlier in life, at a different address, may have contributed to their cancer.

Learn more about cancer.

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