Featured Tools and Technologies

The TWC LOGD team has developed several tools that are helpful for creating and hosting semantic web versions of government data. On this page we share them so that others can do the same thing:
Tool/Technology Description
csv2rdf4lodIn its simplest form, csv2rdf4lod is a quick and easy way to produce an RDF encoding of data available in Comma-Separated-Values (CSV). In its advanced form, csv2rdf4lod is a custom reasoner tailored for some heavy-duty data integration.
geo2kmlFinds lat/long in rdf and shows it on a map.
Google Visualization APIThe Google Visualization API lets you access multiple sources of structured data that you can display, choosing from a large selection of visualizations.
GraphiteQuick and Dirty PHP Library for hacking with Linked Data. For playing with small graphs in a jQueryish way.
Graphite RDF BrowserQuick and dirty RDF viewer.
graphitejsJavascript version of the php library. (work in progress)
Javascriptan object-oriented scripting language used to enable programmatic access to objects within both the client application and other applications.
JQueryThe Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library
lod-appsSoftware package, offering RESTful web services including: phpCsv2Rdf, phpJson2Rdf, and phpSparqlExplorer.
PHPgeneral-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development, to produce dynamic web pages
RDFaRDFa provides a set of XHTML attributes to augment visual data with machine-readable hints
SIMILE ExhibitExhibit lets you easily create web pages with advanced text search and filtering functionalities, with interactive maps, timelines, and other visualizations
SPARQLA query language for RDF data. SPARQL can be used to express queries across diverse data sources, whether the data is stored natively as RDF or viewed as RDF
sparql2kmlMunge a sparql query directly onto a google map.
SparqlProxyA TWC LOGD service that help users to proxy SPARQL endpoint access, cache SPARQL query results, and convert SPARQL query results into many different formats.
stuff2rdfConvert formats Christopher Gutteridge thinks of into any RDF formats Christopher Gutteridge thinks of.
Virtuoso Triple StoreTriple store by OpenLink Software.
Yahoo! PipesPipes is a powerful composition tool to aggregate, manipulate, and mashup content from around the web.

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