Open Goverment Data Video Collection

LOGD 101
This collection of videos helps you understand the meaning and value of open government data.

"The next Web of open, linked data", by Tim Berners-Lee, Ted 2009

  • This talk is about linked open data. Pay attention to interesting mashups that used linking data.
  • at minute 11, Tim called for "Raw. Data. Now!"

"The year open data went worldwide", by Tim Berners-Lee, Ted 2010

  • This talk is about the deployment of linked open data. Pay attention to the open government section.

"Open, Linked Data for a Global Community", by Tim Berners-Lee, Gov 2.0 Expo 2010

  • This is linked government data talk. Pay attention to TBL's "five star rating".
  • Here is my <140 character twit summary:
    1.web downloadable
    2.structured data preserved
    3.use interoperable format
    4.linkable things with URI
    5.linked to other data
  • also see the 5 stars of open linked data, by Ed Summers
  • also see Linked Open Data star scheme by example, by Michael Hausenblas
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