LOGD Tutorials

There are also a number of tutorials in our previous Data-gov website. And "watch this space" as we port more live tutorials here!

Category: LOGD 101
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Understanding LOGD Metadata This tutorial describes the organization of RDF-based LOGD data published on this site and the corresponding metadata.
Understanding LOGD Data This tutorial describes the structure of Linking Open Government Data (LOGD) data and how it is associated with the Open Government Data (OGD).
Retrieving SPARQL Results This tutorial describes how to access SPARQL Endpoint, and how to retrieve and format query results using SparqlProxy in Javascrip, PHP and Python.
Open Goverment Data Video Collection This collection of videos helps you understand the meaning and value of open government data.
Mashing up LOGD data with SPARQL This tutorial describes SPARQL queries that mash up LOGD data from different datasets. It contains examples showing how the SPARQL queries are connected with LOGD data at different levels of granularity.
How to use the Drupal <sparql> module A one-liner to populate a Drupal page with live SPARQL query results.
Building LOGD Visualizations This tutorial presents a simple example that visualizes the LOGD data mashups.
Category: LOGD Data Mashups and Consumption
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Consuming LOGD data using jQuery Brief introduction to jQuery and how to use it with LOGD
Category: LOGD Related Technologies
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Using MIT SIMILE Exhibit A brief introduction to MIT Exhibit, showing the use of facets and timelines.
Installing and Managing Virtuoso SPARQL Endpoint Instructions for installing, configuring, and managing Virtuoso SPARQL endpoints (community edition)
Category: TWC LOGD Portal
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Using TWC LOGD SparqlProxy how to use SparqlProxy to connect RDF files and SPARQL endpoints to visualization tools. Example usage of SparqlProxy is discussed in Web browser and programming languages including javascript and PHP.
How to find datasets using the LOGD sparql endpoint SPARQL queries to describe datasets in the LOGD triple store.
Getting started with csv2rdf4lod to create verbatim RDF conversions of tabular data In this tutorial, we will walk you through setting up your conversion environment, understanding some design decisions and their motivations, and converting a CSV into RDF.
Exploring LOGD Metadata with SPARQL Queries This tutorial shows how to use SPARQL queries to explore LOGD metadata to answer questions on the TWC LOGD Portal
Embedding LOGD Visualizations in Drupal How to correctly embed LOGD demos in Drupal page
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