TWC Linking Open Government Data: Data Description and Statistics

The TWC Linking Open Government Data (LOGD) contains a collection of RDF datasets converted from US government and other related sources available on the web. This page serves as the home for our Linked Data Cloud CKAN listing. Following are live statistical information about the datasets available in LOGD.
As of 2011-08-26 20:15:
  • 9,946,868,757 RDF triples has been produced.
  • 5,165 tables have been converted to produce 2,018 versions of 1,880 datasets from 117 source organizations available as 1,887 verbatim RDF datasets.
  • 1,651 enhanced datasets use 472 object properties and 221 classes.
  • All datasets use a total of 303,260 predicates.
Samples of 546 versioned dataset layers are available in our LOGD SPARQL endpoint and can be queried using examples at How to find datasets using the LOGD sparql endpoint.
  • total triples: the total number of triples in TWC LOGD
  • total datasets: the total number of datasets published in TWC LOGD (note that a dataset may have multiple versions)
  • total sources: the total number of data sources (hosting original datasets) covered by TWC LOGD

list of data sources

total: 34 sources

list of link set dump files

total: __ files, 5885 triples
  • outlinks to DBpedia: 2814. triples
  • outlinks to GeoNames: 2492. triples
  • outlinks to GovTrack: 2566. triples

list of data dump files

total: files

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